Monday, 10 June 2013

Guyana TImes: Allegations against Dr Singh found to be false

Some of the recent media allegations made against Dr Naresh Singh have been confirmed as false, unfounded, and misleading.

Dr Naresh Singh
Dr Naresh Singh

Dr Singh is very pleased to know that his name is being restored. After several months of being dragged through the mud, at considerable cost to his career and reputation, things are getting cleaned up.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Naresh Singh, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Canada

From Legacy to Vision: Sustainability, Poverty and Policy Adjustment

Naresh Singh - SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS Building on the Wealth of the Poor

It was Marx who said that philosophers in the past had only interpreted the world; few had sought to change it.

Further, according to Marx, in all productive systems throughout history, both the relationship to the means of production and the relations of production have been antagonistic. In other words, those who produce the goods and services (labor) have no ownership to it, and those who own the capital have always regarded labor as another commodity to own, manipulate and exploit.

These relationships have obviously not become less antagonistic since the time of Marx, and certainly more exploitative and explosive since the demise of the Cold War. Transnational corporations have rushed in to fill the vacuum left by the Cold War, and to take advantage of the marketization of the global economy. Their modus operandi of profit maximization, with no respect for national governments or peoples or the environment, are leaving a nasty trail of global economic poverty and other related problems – death, diseases, social unrest… and the most alarming of them – destruction of the sustainer of life, the eco-system.


Dr Naresh Singh - Two Faces of Poverty Conference Photos